The Wind Children Series–-the timelessness of children running through time....

Nike Sky (pictured above) combines  the image of a running girl  crossing through millennia of art history from the Nike of Samothrace to present day Parisian graffiti.

This series is informed by  travel to France, Jamaica, Maine and Italy .  Recurring images meet across time and space converging like memories in a dream.   The Wind Children Series enters into the magical world of play, fantasy  and creation.

Ruth Stenstrom 
Digital Art

Earth Mother (2010) was the first in a series of artworks based on motherhood, culminating in a series of 6 images in the Family Bed Series in collaboration with poet Teri Ellen Cross for the exhibit This is Our Body.

A website about the exhibit collaborations can be seen at

My images often cross borders–between artifice and reality, addressing the relation of past to present, issues of femininity, political concerns–

a poetic translation of my camera’s view of the landscapes I have travelled and pure whimsy.