Recent Exhibits--
Synergy, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Videos, 2010
This is Our Body, Digital Art Collaboration with poet
        Teri Ellen Cross, Takoma Park Community Center, 2010
EnCounter Culture, GW Art Therapy Department, Painting, 2010

Art Installations--
  Nike Sky, Video projection with Artefacts Dance Company, Kennedy Center, 2007

 Espace 528, Second Stage Chaos, Hanging canvases and electronic music,                                    Montreal, Washington, DC, 1997. Performance collaboration with Michael Gessner, Anne McDonald, Prosser Stirling and Cynthia Word.

  Chaos, Krakova Arts Center, Prague, Art installation, 1995

Artist Fellowship--Media, 2011
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for my work 
with multli-media video productions. 

Collaborations with performance artist Norm Davis--
  Cafe Noir, - Art Installation,, Munich, Augsburg, Germany, 1993

   Light - Licht-- Art Installation,  San Francisco, 1993

   Terra Nova, - Art Installation, Montreal, Cambridge,MA, Washington, DC, tour of 6 cities in Germany including Munich, 1992

   Rimbaud, - Art Installation, Montreal, New Orleans, Washington, DC, New York City, 1987-88

Solo Exhibits--
Unfinished Tales, National Children’s Medical Center, Washington, DC, Paintings, 1995
Maison D’Art Fra Angelico - Montreal,  Paintings, 1992
Duke Ellington Gallery, - Paintings and Photo-Collage, 1987
Painting e Particolare -  80 Washington Street Galleries, New York,1986
Solo-Paper, Canvas, Glass, - Studio Gallery, Washington, DC, 1985
Local 1734, - Washington, DC, Paintings and Silkscreen Art, 1978

Founder and director of CASSA Arts Workshop 
The Workshop is at Clean & Sober Streets, Inc., which is located at the Federal City Shelter in Washington, DC. The Workshop has been supported by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities since its inception in 1989.  

Art Faculty and Art Department Chair School Without Walls, 1989-2009

Visual Arts Faculty Duke Ellington School of the Arts ,1980-6

Arts in Prison--Arts classes with women at DC Detention Center funded by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities 1987-1988

 Co-founder and member of 
The Local 1734 Art Collective & Gallery 
and its sister organization P Street Paperworks-- Silkscreening Center 1973-1984

WGTB-FM News & Public Affairs Staff  1972-6
Co-hosted weekly arts program Critique with Geri Calkins Pizzi

Library of Congress Collections--
Library of Congress Poster Collection, Give Me Your tired, Your Poor...and I will exploit them, 1978 and Stop US Intervention in Central America, 1978
Fine Art Silkscreen Posters 

Interiors and Exteriors, Local 1734 Calendar, 1984. Fine Art Silkscreen Calendar

Saying Good Bye to Our Mothers for the Very Last Time, A collection of Essays, ed. Carol Thayer Cox & William A. Harrison, Lisa Hagen Books, 2016. One of 35 essays about the process of losing one’s mother. 

Portrait of the Artist as Poet, ed. Carol Cox & Peggy Heller, 2006
One of 34 artist/poets included in the anthology
For ordering information, Magnolia Street Publishers, Chicago, Illinois
Ruth Stenstrom -- Resumé

I began working with large oils in a cool palette of blues and greens.

Studies in New York and Venice brought me to a broader exploration of acrylic and pastel on raw canvas and work with video and electronic music.

Work with performance artist Norm Davis led to a series of large scale installation works as back drops for international collaborations such as Terra Nova, Café Noir, Light-Licht   & Second Stage Chaos.

Painting  & Digital Art Portfolios

                                           Recent paintings

Acrylics & Pastels



Art Installations


                                                 Digital Art



Winter Solstice, Within Creates Without, Oil on Canvas, 1976