ruth stenstrom




                         Visual Artist, Art Therapist, Video and Multi-Media Work

My paintings mix figurative and abstract elements with poetic, mythic subject matter.

Recent works such as GraVitas (2005-2017) combine painting and digital photography. 

My  photography and video work have changed with the digital age.

I have a fascination with words, with uncertainty, happenstance, and the artistic interventions of others, which have turned into my series GraVitas.

I enjoy the transmutation of several images into one, a new alchemy of pixels and imagination.

From artificial art installations to thoughts about what it means to run through and out of time,

I like humor, beauty and mystery.

Art works best when it commands sustained looking in order to fathom its meaning. I enjoy duality, fragments of a whole and ambiguity, but then sometimes a rose is just a rose.

Since 1989 I have also directed the CASSA Arts Workshop, a therapeutic arts program for men and women in recovery at Clean & Sober Streets, Inc.

Ruth Stenstrom is featured in Potomac Art Therapy Association

May 2016 Art Therapist Spotlight


Pandemic Posters, Digital Art 2020